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Bathroom Remodel Reveal: The Spaceship Has Landed!

Remember a long time ago when we first tackled our bathroom remodel? Remember when we had a run in with some crazy house invading ants? Remember when I gave you a sneak peak and said I would be revealing the finished product soon? Well, long story short, I’m lame. Summer started and all of my hopes and dreams of getting that post finished went out the door. Part of it was that I literally couldn’t find any spare moments to work on a post (we work at a Camp, a very very busy Camp); another part was that because of the busyness of summer our bathroom was hardly ever tidy. And there was no way in heck that I was going to share pictures of our messy bathroom!

Well, the time has come to unveil the masterpiece! What better way to showcase a reveal than to remind you of the bathroom purgatory we were recovering from. Our previous space can be recapped in just a few words: spaceship gone wrong. Let me remind you with a few awesomely terrible photos:Praise the Lord, these pictures are now just a distant memory. Although we ran into problems like ants (read about that over here), disconnected vent pipes, doors in the wrong place and plumbing issues (all over here), in the end we were victorious! Lots of work went into this project and it was a huge learning experience for both of us. My husband is seriously amazing. He worked his tail off on this remodel! From re-tiling the floor to learning how to re-route plumbing and electrical to building an awesomesauce shelf for our bathroom stuff! I’ve got a keeper! (p.s. Mr. Edwards has some blogging tricks up his sleeve…I’ll keep you updated!)

Here’s a look at the NEW and IMPROVED view to the left as you walk into our bathroom:Josh built that shelf from scratch! He got his inspiration over here on Ana White’s blog (where we also got our inspiration for our outdoor patio set…more on that in another post). It’s perfectly sized for the space and holds all of the essentials that wouldn’t fit under the sink. The baskets are courtesy of my Mother-in-law’s garage and the items on the top shelf are things I’ve collected in the past few years. I love the simple look of the shelf and how it looks like it’s leaning against the wall. The best part is that because of the tiered design it doesn’t feel crowded when you walk in the door. Way to go husband!Ok, side note…take a look at these hydrangeas! They’re from our friend/neighbor/co-worker Carol Ann’s yard. She was super sweet and let me cut a few from her hydrangea bush. Nothing like having some fresh blooms to cheer you up!You’ll also notice a brand spankin’ new toilet! We got that ivory beauty at Home Depot for just $99! It’s a dual flush, low flow toilet (I’ll let you figure out the dual flush part…) and is awesome. Is that weird to say a toilet is awesome? Oh well…I just did.

One of the biggest improvements in our new bathroom is the increase of leg room between the toilet and the vanity. I never thought I would say this, but goodness gracious, its nice to not feel cramped while on the throne. (TMI?)

Remember how much leg space the old one had?  Never good when your knees touch the vanity while you’re gettin’ business done…And look at the new leg room…(oh, and we now have a toilet paper holder! Seriously, the Edwards’ are movin’ up in the world!):Next up, our new vanity!!

A little closer look…
The color is absolutely amazing. It’s a warm chocolatey brown that makes a bold statement in the room! It’s a great size and is the perfect height for both of us (as opposed to the too low version in our old bathroom). The sink is fairly narrow and pretty shallow, but is fantastic! I wasn’t too sure about the depth at first, but I’m definitely sold on it now. It adds a cool modern(ish) element to the space. The total cost for the vanity: $120…yep! That’s right. Originally priced at close to $200, we were able to get this pre-assembled floor model at an unbelievable discount. We are definitely pleased with our purchase!

Now let’s chat about the floor: I’m in love with the tile! It is, (a) new and clean & (b) not spaceship silver. We decided to put 12×12 tiles in place of the 16×16’s that were in there. The smaller size makes the floor space look bigger. It’s super easy to keep clean and is so so nice.

The mirror came from Target for about $25. I was having a really hard time finding something that didn’t look too heavy or gaudy. It works for now, but the jury is still out. I’m not completely sold on the stark white, smooth finish. I’d love to thrift or craigslist an older mirror with an interesting frame and maybe paint it or something. We’ll see…

I was also on the hunt for a new shower curtain, so I took one of our towels with me shopping. I searched Bed, Bath & Beyond, Kohls and HomeGoods and wasn’t able to find anything I liked for under $25. Not willing to spend anywhere near that, I wandered into Ross crossing my fingers hoping to find something. Well, the shower curtain gods were on my side…I found this one for $7.99! Best part, the blue is an EXACT match to our towels! Double score!

We also installed a curved shower curtain rod. It’s fantastic! It gives us almost an extra foot of space in our shower without sticking out into the room too much. At around $32 (with coupon), we think it was a worthwhile investment

We found this light fixture at Home Depot and figured it fit our space really well! Unlike the old nasty bare bulbs that were on our previous fixture, this one has really nice creamy glass shades. We hesitated buying it because it was a little more than we wanted to spend (around $60), but after some deliberating we figured it would be a good investment for the space. Welp, we were right!Previously, we had two towel bars straight out of a hotel that were attached to the back of our door. I had quite a few close calls with those things, they seemed to be right at head level, but somehow I narrowly escaped any gouges in my forehead. We picked up a double towel rack  and some over-the-door hooks at Ikea to solve the problem. So far, so good!(sorry for the wonky lighting in this picture)So, our Spaceship Bathroom has finally touched down. It has come back into this atmosphere and boy, oh boy is it better. We’re so thankful for being able to do the work ourselves (with the help of my fantastic Dad) and that we were able to do it within a very decent budget!Budget breakdown. We actually lost the receipts, so these are educated guesses (whoops!):

  • Vanity: $120
  • Toilet: $100
  • Materials to patch doorway: $30
  • Tile and materials: $80
  • Paint and primer: $50
  • Light fixture: $60
  • Mirror: $25
  • Shelf supplies: $35
  • Towel holders: $11
  • Shower curtain: $8
  • Curved curtain rod: $32
  • Miscellaneous accessories: $30
  • Total: $581

A total bathroom makeover for less than $600? Yeppers. Goes to show what you can do with some savvy shopping and a little do-it-yourself work! We still have yet to install the last puzzle piece…the bathroom fan. We’re working with some crazy old-house wiring so it’ll be a little while before we can get that in. But, other than that, we are in l-o-v-e with our new loo! It is such a nice feeling to wake up and spend your morning getting ready in a well lit, clean and comfortable space!

Loving the simple things,
Mrs. Edwards