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J&T Go Camping

I admit it, I’ve been the worst at blogging lately! I fell off the blog-bandwagon, but I’m baaaack! I promise! Here’s to playing catch up :) A LOT has happened in the past month, so my goal over the next couple of weeks is to get caught up on what’s happened and get back to real-time posting.

First up: Adventures with J&T!

A few weekends ago (maybe more than just a few, but who’s counting?), we loaded up the Chevy and headed south a couple hours to Big Sur. Both Josh and I love camping but had never gone together! We received a ton of awesome camping stuff for our wedding, so it was due time to put it to use! We booked a spot at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, a place that I’ve camped a few times with my family.

The drive down offered a whole lotta’ this:

It was SUCH a beautiful drive!

It was just about dusk when we arrived at the campground to find our site. Much to my dismay, the site that we had picked through the online reservation system was possibly the worst site in the place. All powdery dirt, no trees and 100% out in the open. NOT my idea of camping. For some reason my picture of camping has a lot more trees, a bit more privacy and less…dirt. Maybe I’m just a girl. My sweet, amazing, tolerant husband drove us back out to the gate and let me tell my sob story to the on-duty ranger. I’m sure he deals with unsatisfied women all the time so he knew how to handle me well! We were able to move a few spots over into a much better site. Happy wife = happy camping experience :)

It was fun/challenging setting up camp in the dark, but we did it! We’re kinda thankful that it was dark so no one could see how lame we looked trying to set up our tent for the first time (we were gifted an AWESOME Kelty tent for our wedding that is 98% fool proof…it took us almost the entire set up process to realize that the poles and everything were color-coded. We are the 2% that are in the dummy category, I guess.)

Dinner that night ended up being hotdogs and baked beans, haha. We ate at about 10pm, so I couldn’t expect too much.  After dinner, Josh was in the tent changing while I was sitting by the fire. I thought I heard some scuffling so I turned a flashlight on and OHEMGEE….guess what was less than 4 ft. away from me…a SKUNK! I freaked out! But a silent-I really don’t wanna get sprayed-kinda way. It was one of those moments when your entire life flashes before your eyes. I would die if I were to be sprayed! I think I scared it just as much as it did me, so it ended up running off into the bushes, praise the Lord! Thankfully no one ended up being stinky like a skunky :)

Saturday we had an all day adventure (fasten your seat belts for a ridiculous amount of pictures to follow):

Camping FashionYep, I wear knee high wool socks, over leggings, with TOMS. Awkward & awesome :)

handsome hubbySooo excited to cook breakfast!

Mrs. MustacheMr. MustacheHis and Her Mustache Pancake. Cooking mishap turned awesome photo op!

Exploring Andrew Molera State Park

My handsome hubby :)

SUCH an amazing view!

We headed over to Pfeiffer Beach where is was SO windy! We had sand EVERYWHERE when we left…yes, everywhere.
The rock formations there were fantastic…but probably would have been better if we weren’t being sandblasted!

We headed back to camp to make dinner, which consisted of carne asada burritos and corn on the cob. I’m a firm believer that while camping, you should be able to eat whatever you want. Hence, the random assortment of food that we had…haha.We forgot our corn on the cob holders at home, so Josh improvised with some galvanized nails he had in his truck. Redneck much?

Sunday morning, we had the best meal ever, Saturday Morning Breakfast (see recipe and my thoughts about it over here).


Then we packed up camp and headed south to Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park (we visited a lot of places called Pfeiffer, it’s okay if you get confused…) This state park is home to McWay Falls, an 80 ft. waterfall that drops directly into the ocean. Being one of only two “tidefalls” in the region, it’s a pretty spectacular sight. The beach is closed to human traffic and the water is the most stunning shade of blue I’ve seen in California. Although there are signs everywhere reminding people that there is no beach access, someone climbed down to the sand and wrote “Amanda, will you marry me?” SO cute. And SO illegal. Josh and I spent probably 5 minutes trying to figure out how the heck they didn’t die climbing down and back up the sheer cliff. That is dedication to a cause!

Amazing, right?!

We had a blast on this trip, it was definitely the first of many to come!! We live in an area where within an hours drive you can find some of the best camping in the state. We are blessed!

Thanks for putting up with my lame blogging lately. And for the ridiculous amount of pictures that this post has. You’re a true friend if you’ve made it this far down the page :)

A happy camper,
Mrs. Edwards