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The “B” Word

The “B” word…one of the worst. I try to avoid saying it as much as I can, but sometimes it slips out. I really try hard, I do.


Whoops! There it is.

Throughout our engagement people were constantly telling us that we needed to start off our marriage with our finances in order. Holy moly, its tougher than I had imagined. Being single, finances are ridiculously easy compared to being married. I shouldn’t complain too much though, in all reality Josh and I have a reasonable amount of debt and are so so blessed in our current job/living situation. We’re blessed with very affordable rent right now, so that is allowing us to attack our debt in a more intentional way. The hard part is actually following through on that idea of “attacking debt.” Its been almost 8 months of marriage and we’re still working towards sorting our debts, finding the ones we want to work on first and sticking to the plan.

Our current adventure in budgeting is extreme couponing. Yep, its gettin’ crazy in the Edwards’ house! Coupons and discounts around every corner. This may or may not be attributed to my current addiction to the TLC show Extreme Couponing.  Those ladies are nuts! I promise I’m not going to turn our home into the Edwards’ Mini-Mart anytime soon! Promise. But I’m realizing more and more that groceries and home goods should not be as expensive as they are and I CAN control those areas of our budget.

Along with clipping coupons from our Sunday paper, here are a few couponing blogs that I’ve been following lately:

My Frugal Adventures:  Deals posted multiple times a day. I also follow her on Twitter so I’m able to see deals throughout the day without checking the actual blog. Lots of good every day, moderate coupons (meaning no mini-mart forming here).

The Krazy Coupon Lady: I just started following this one. There are a ton of great “how-to” ideas, but I’m not sure I’m ready to get as Krazy as they recommend…One tip is to stock up for months and months. Uh yeah, have you seen the size of my house? Not happening. This blog does have some great tips on how to get started and has tons of links to deals.

Speaking of saving money, the other day I received an email from Southwest highlighting a deal to celebrate the airline’s 40th birthday. The cheapest option in the deal was $40.00 for flights anywhere within 450 miles…score! We got to thinking where we could go within 450 miles. First choice, San Diego. Josh grew up in North San Diego County and went to school at Point Loma. I however haven’t spent much time there at all. So thinking 4 months ahead to November…we bought tickets for San Diego to celebrate our 1 year anniversary! We’ll be there for about a week, so my goal is to keep the total cost as low as possible. This will the first getaway (more than just a weekend) that we’ll have since our honeymoon last November! One vacation a year isn’t bad :) I can hardly wait to spend an entire week away with  my husband, celebrating one year of success! I’ve been keeping my eye on Groupon deals in San Diego and we’ll be looking for a hotel deal in the next month or so. If you see any amazing deals, please pass them my way!

Are you an extreme couponer? Or are you just getting your couponing feet wet, like me? I’m having a blast planning out my shopping trips, trying to get the best deals imaginable. I’ll keep you updated on how well I do on my next shopping trip!

p.s…Josh pronounces coupon like “Q-pon.” It makes me laugh every time, poor guy! What is the proper way to say it anyways?

The super saver,
Mrs. Edwards