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A Non-Traditional Easter

Both Josh and I come from families who celebrate Easter in quite traditional ways- church, egg hunts, food, family, etc. This year because we live so far from our families, we celebrated our Savior’s resurrection in a bit of a less traditional way. We went to church, then went and got a burger, a Slurpee and headed to the beach. It’s hard not having family around to keep us on the straight and narrow of traditions, but maybe we’re making some of our own? Hmm…I’m always up for a Slurpee!

For the past few months we’ve been attending a local church called Vintage Faith here in Santa Cruz. Today the 11am service was PACKED! It was really encouraging to see so many people-young and old-celebrating the miracle of Jesus’ resurrection today. One of my favorite moments was when the entire congregation was jumping up and down to the song “Happy Day.” It was awesome! Easter is a happy day! The free life we know is only possible because the Lord sacrificed His son through death. But even death couldn’t contain him! Praise the Lord for his redemptive plan.

After church we headed to our new favorite taco shop (Sorry Taco V, you might have been replaced). Unfortunately though, Tacos Moreno was closed because of the holiday. Plan B- figure out something else. We ended up driving for a while (because neither of us are good at making decisions under pressure) and finally landed on a new place we hadn’t tried yet. It’s called Burger. (yep, Burger period). Its been open for a couple of months and I had heard lots of hype about it. I had kinda avoided it for that very reason. I figured that we’d let the popularity die down and maybe try it after a while. Well, today was the day…and it definitely didn’t disappoint!! The venue itself is pretty dang cool with chalk board menus, lots of seating, great decor. But the food, oh my. I wish I had taken a picture of the menu itself, but there were some great names for burgers- The Dude, The Notorious B.I.G., The Phatty, The Snooki, The Monroe, just to name a few. After lots of consideration, Josh landed on The Phatty  (a bacon cheeseburger between two grilled cheese sandwiches) and I got less of an artery clogger- The Dude (avocado, bacon and jack cheese). We both chose sweet potato fries, yum!

Instead of using a number for your order, they used celebrity mugshots. Random, yet interesting!

How can you resist that face?!

The Phatty and The Dude. YUM!

After chowing down at Burger. we headed to the closest 7-Eleven and picked up a couple Slurpees. A good Slurpee can make the woes of the world disappear. You should test my theory! After loading up on cherry/coke frozen goodness, we headed to West Cliff Drive. This was our view:

We got to watch kite surfers enjoying the beautiful weather!

It was bright and windy, but SO pretty!

After a while of basking in the sunshine, we headed home. It turned into family nap time for a few hours, followed by a few hours of season two of 24. Somewhere along the lines I made this: Easter Pizza? Sure. Find the recipe for the dough here at

Although it was a non-traditional Easter, we made the best of it and maybe started some of our own traditions. Church, burgers, slurpees, the beach, naps and pizza? Sounds like a good day to me!

Mrs. Edwards